Do you post on social media?

Each of our centers have their own Facebook and Instagram pages where they post pictures of their special guests throughout the day. It is a wonderful way to see what is going on at our centers and to receive an unexpected photo of your pet playing or relaxing in our centers. Our social links are at the bottom of our website, click on them to follow!

What kind of events do you have at your centers?

We have special parties at all of our centers during day camp or daycare. They occur every month and are themed with fun photos, treats, and activity. We also will periodically have other special events, like adoption events, customer appreciation days, etc. Along with our in-center parties and events, we often run fun photo contests and games online. You can learn about all of our upcoming parties, events, and online fun on our Events Page.

What happens if a pet becomes ill?

Every Best Friends facility has 24-hour, on-call veterinary support. We maintain relationships with several veterinary hospitals near each center so that we are always assured of emergency veterinary care whenever it is required.

Do you have someone at your pet care centers 24 hours a day? What about vet coverage in the case of emergencies?

Our centers are monitored with emergency response systems for heating, cooling, smoke, fire and security 24-hours a day. We do not have staff members on site overnight, except at our Walt Disney World location. Our team members are on site in the early morning to feed, walk, check on and do activities with the pets every day, (regardless of published customer-facing Center hours) and do not leave until after all of the pets have been fed, and let out for their evening activities. For the dogs to have a restful, relaxing stay, it’s critical that they are not disturbed overnight, and the presence of a staff member keeps the dogs awake and the dogs feeling more stressed as they are very sensitive to even the slightest noise.

Each of our pet care centers has a relationship set-up with a highly reputable, local veterinary for emergency care. In the event of an true emergency, the Center will bring your pet to the closest high quality vet that we have a relationship with, otherwise we will do our best to bring your pet to your own vet on file with us if the matter is not urgent.