I am looking to adopt a new pet, can you help with that?

We don’t adopt pets from our centers. However, we do have a program where we partner with local shelters and adoption agencies called, “Your New Best Friend”. This program is designed to help our partners with their mission of finding homes for adoptable pets and strengthening the human/pet bond. Visit our Adoption page to learn more.

Do you have any services specific to puppies?

Puppies are always welcome at our centers. In order to board with us, puppies need to be at least 4 months to ensure they have all of their needed vaccinations. We also have a special Puppy Play Group program designed to give your puppy the needed socialization so he/she can grow into a well adjusted dog. And, of course, our grooming services are a great way to keep your pup feeling great. If it’s your first time learning about us, come and visit by Booking a Tour of our facility.

Do you offer dog training?

Training classes are available at some of our Best Friends locations. Best Friends Canine College offers a wide variety of group, private or while-boarded obedience training programs for pooches of all ages. Most of our centers offer multiple class levels – from beginning to advanced.
Please click on the location you would like to use and contact them via our form to ask all of your training questions and get rate-specific information.