My pet has sensitive skin, how will your grooming products affect him/her?

We provide a variety of different shampoos/conditioners to accommodate your pet’s skin type. Also, for no additional charge, we will bathe in a vet-prescribe shampoo that you provide. Talk to you groomer about your pet’s sensitive skin or other skin issues at check in, so the groomer can recommend which shampoo or condition would be fit your pet’s skin care needs.

What is a shedicure?

A shedicure is an extra solution to remove additional undercoat. During the bathing process we use a special de-shedding shampoo. Once the coat is completely dry and combed out, we use a furminator. It is different from brushing or combing because this process will remove MORE loose undercoat with a noticeable difference.

My pet gets anxious, do you have any tips to help ease this anxiety for grooming?

Our Groomers are professionals and have a lot of experience with all types of pets. However, there may be situations where they will not be able to groom your pet if they feel it is unsafe for your pet or for them.

For anxious pets, we suggest trying Honest Paws CBD Calm products, sold at all Best Friends locations. You can try the products, prior to the groom, to see its affect on your pet and determine if it would be helpful to ease their grooming anxiety.

Also, our groomers take great notes! If your pet is typically anxious and responds well to certain things, in order to relieve anxiety, then our groomers will take note for their next visit.

What type of pets do you groom?

Best Friends grooms all breeds of dogs and cats. We have trained groomers who specialize in breed-specific cuts. Please call the center directly for rates and to schedule an appointment.