What requirements do you have for daycare attendees?

In order to participate in our daycare program each dog must:

  • be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations
  • have completed an intake session
  • be spayed or neutered
  • fecal test (under one year)
  • influenza vaccination (in some locations)


Do you have a screening process for your daycare dogs?

Every dog’s personality and temperament is different, and we want our daycare experience to be a positive one for you and your dog. So, if it’s your pup’s first time attending daycare with us, we will conduct a quick yet thorough temperament test and then slowly introduce him/her to us and to our other daycare attendees.

This introduction will last 10-15 minutes, and we ask that pet parents stay close to ensure that their transition goes smoothly. After this initiation, if we feel the group play environment will work for your dog, then he/she can stay with us for 1.5 hours or longer to play with his/her new best friends.