Microchipping Your Pets

dog lost in woods, microchip

It happens! Your cat gets outside and runs off or your dog squeezes out of his collar and heads for the woods.

You try to catch them, but they are too fast and too determined. After calling and searching, your stomach becomes knotted up hoping for a safe return. One good way to increase your chance of being reunited is through microchipping.

May is “Chip Your Pet” Month and rightfully so. As the weather warms up around us, our pet’s attraction to the outdoors increases. If your pet is not currently microchipped, learn more about the process and book an appointment at your local Vetco clinic to chip your pet.


What is a microchip?

microchip, dog, cat

A Microchip is an implant, about the size of a grain of rice, put under your pet’s skin. It is encoded with a unique number that is linked to all of your contact information in a secure database.


How is the microchip put in my pet?

microchip implanted, injection, dog, veterinarian

Implanting the device is actually a very simple process and can easily be done during a Vetco clinic appointment. It doesn’t even require anesthesia!

Using a hypodermic needle, similar to the kind that is used to give vaccines, the licensed Vetco veterinarian “injects” the microchip under your pet’s skin (usually between the shoulder blades).

Your pet may feel a moment of discomfort but a little moment of ‘ouch’ is far better than being separated from you forever.


Is it expensive to have my pet microchipped?

Vetco clinic licensed veterinarian with dog

At Vetco, microchipping costs range from $22 – $25 depending on the state you use Vetco in. This cost comes with a LIFETIME registration so there are NO additional costs to store your pet’s data.


How does the microchip work if my pet gets lost?

veterinarian checking chip under pet's / dog's skin

If your pet gets lost, an animal shelter, rescue group, or vet’s office can use a scanner to find the chip by waving it over your pet. The scanner reads the frequency from the chip and finds the unique ID number assigned to your pet. This information can then be used to get in touch with you and reunite you with your pet.

microchipping, cat, home

If your pet is microchipped then your dog is twice as likely to be returned home and your cat is more than 20 times more likely!

However, just because your pet is microchipped it doesn’t mean your job is done. It is important to periodically check your contact information in the database at www.petmicrochiplookup.org to ensure it is accurate.


Book your Vetco clinic appointment today, and get your pet microchipped!